Agility, Efficiency, Efficacy, and Cyber Security

Optimization and Orchestration

Better one handful with tranquillity than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.

– Solomon


Debloat and Secure software

Remove dead code, unwanted features, and cyber vulnerabilities and exposures without access to source code. New smaller version of application is ready for regression testing.

customize and Secure Protocols

ArtusProtocol is a tool that strives to reduce the attack surface and limit risk of exposure to attackers by customizing standard protocols so only the features that are essential to the application(s) are deployed. ArtusProtocol takes a list of required features for a particular protocol and applies either binary or source code analysis of the standard protocol implementation to cut or gut the code supporting unneeded features. It generates a specialized protocol that only supports the listed features and nothing more. Along with feature reductions, care can be taken to properly respond to an external party invoking the removed features.


PJR is a Great Place to work

Looking for software developers and scientists to focus on binary static and dynamic analysis to identify unused code, and features to cut from applications.  

Looking for software developers and network engineers interested in network function virtualization and orchestration.